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How to Stop YOU from holding yourself back

Zig Ziglar once said, “motivation is like a warm bath, that’s why we recommend it daily”.   So it’s true, according to Zig Ziglar, motivation can and does ware off, and I’m sure we’ve all experienced it in our working lives.   So where does motivation come from? Why does it fizzle down? How do […]

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How to identify what drives you at work………

    Lots  has happened in the past few week but most recently Shaun (my husband) and I have built a house, and I gotta say its a mammoth task (as if you already didn’t know). And this mammoth task can become mayhem if the process is not followed correctly. I’m seeing the tradesmen going […]

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How to GET OVER feeling like you just can’t do it …….. feeling Lazy

Have you ever caught yourself saying: “I can’t do that” “I wish I could do that” “gee, wouldn’t it be great if….” “how lucky is that person, i could never…..” OR “I’m too ……….”  (young, old, tall, short, (you fill in the blank) We all do and have from time to time, but what’s important […]

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How to identify your passion video 4/4

This is the FINAL video of the “How do I Identify my passion” Training Series. This video puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, easily. Take a look below.    

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