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THe “F” Word that’s in your way (no it’s not what you think ;)

Click Here to watch the video (it’s not what you expect)   BTW: The Speaking Success System™ Half Day Workshop: How to generate Leads, Clients, Sales, Build Your Credibility and Leverage Your Time in ONE Talk! This is your last chance for 2016 to attend The Speaking Success System™ Half Day Workshop: Click This link to […]

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#1 Key question you need to know To find Your Dream Job and then be able to monetise it….even if you have a business

Here is video 2: #1 Key question you need to know To Find  Your Dream Job and then be able to monetise it….(and if you already have a business  – this tip will help you attract more clients….BUT only IF yo do it.). What do I mean? Click play  and watch the video below.   […]

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What if i need help to find my passion and monetise it?

What else can you do to find your passion or monetise it?  Watch this video.     For a very limited time and for a very limited number of people who are ready and committed to have a strategy session on your next best step to find your dream job or to grow your business […]

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What to consider when you’re ‘thinking’ of transitioning from employee to entrepreneur…..

Since being awarded 2015 Canberra’s Young Business Woman Of The Year, I have been getting a recurring question from people… “How do i move from employee to entrepreneur?” So to answer that question, I shot a brief video to answer that question in case you were thinking or quietly considering that question yourself. Enjoy!

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5 Mistakes Professionals Make that Make them Feel Un-Valued, Unfulfilled and Stuck In Their Job!

  When I work with clients, their main objective is to identify/find their dream job. That’s the easy step. When they first come to us, most professionals struggle with finding their purpose, their sweet spot, their God-given gift but when they go through the Dream Job process, that big empty space, that question mark, of […]

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Does one size fit all? Yanking the legs off bad conditioning

A colleague and I were talking about habit and how habit creates a character. So he relayed this story to me. He said that in India (his country of origin) elephant trainers had a specific way of training elephants to make them become disciplined. Baby elephants have one of their legs tied to a chain […]

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How you can be that change you want to see in the world.

  I recently went to a protest to serve one of my passions (social justice) and uphold my pledge to humanity  and turn up at a pro- Palestinian rally, protesting against the war being waged in Gaza and the mass genocide and killing currently taking place.   Now, why on earth am i telling you […]

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3 Simple Steps To Get You Out Of Feeling Stuck

No News Really is Good News One of the main reasons why I encourage people NOT to watch the news is because it plays with your head. It seeds all that’s negative in the world and plants it in our head. And once seeded and planted we then constantly water, nurture and fertilise that negativity […]

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This Is The Grandfather Of Bad Habits

Man, I missed out when I was a kid… Sometimes when we go back and think about what it was like growing up – it can evoke memories that we feel we were in some way, disadvantaged. It may have been because we were the youngest, oldest or middle child and therefore we didn’t get […]

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The 3+1 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying to Find Their Passion

    The 3 +1  Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying to Nail Their Dream Job Or Find Their Passion / Gift Or Calling.   Mistake #1) Asking others what they should do. This can sometimes work. Most of the time, not so much. Why? Because you are asking someone else to choose something for […]

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