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How the story of Harry Potter got un-boxed

Recently i was fishing for videos to keep me focussed and whilst i was doing that i came across a video i saw sometime back  and i really wanted to share with you. You may or may not have listened to this before, but its very worthwhile if your focus is trembling. If your minds […]

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What’s IN your mind?

  What’s IN your mind? We’ve heard about positive thinking for a long time, right? But what if you just cant get that negative thought out of your head? How did that negative thought get inside your mind in the first place? This video will show you how whats on your mind is directly related […]

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What is blogging and should you have a blog?

What is a blog and should you have one?

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Is opportunity instant or gradual for you?

When you’re tired of the workforce and eager to start a business that will give meaning to you and the market, is it better to quit your day job cold turkey or work on your business venture on the side and eventually leave the cubicle? Let’s look at a few of the benefits and things […]

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Interest vs Passion

One of my colleagues participated in the London Marathon in April this year. The London Marathon is a long-distance running event, one of the worlds largest. This year was the 32nd London Marathon that took place. You have to be pretty committed to run this event because it spans 42.195 kilometres (26 miles and 385 yards) […]

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How education could have slowed you down.

How do you recognise your talent/Gift if the traditional subjects at school like Maths, English, History etc are not really your thing?  Your Gift/talent could be speaking, directing, business,  storytelling , fire-fighter etc, but  how do you recognise and build on this Gift/talent rather than going to do  a general Arts, Business, IT or any […]

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Can I place an order for a large serving of passion and courage…..actually, can you please upsize that?

One thing i promised i would never do, is be the person in the train, car or bus with a frustrated, long face going to work. That face that is, tired, over-it, run-down, low in energy all because you were dragging yourself to work. Have you noticed the faces around you on the way to work? […]

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